Digital Branding

Blog Article 2019

"I’m a narrow-minded graphic designer, who likes to finish things and make them look perfect, not to be touched by anyone ever again. I like playing with margins, line spacing and numbers to divide a layout by until I end up with a mathematically and visually pleasing grid that I follow subsequent meticulously. That’s why I can immerse myself in making brand manuals.

Martín Bravo, speaking at the Design Matters conference last month, crushed all my hopes that the way I work has any future in the digital world. But luckily, he didn’t stop there and leave me hating progress. His core message: There’s more beyond brand manuals and, recent, design systems to modern brand design. Here are some of the key takeaways:"

Very inspired by a conference talk of Martín Bravo at Design Matters '19 I started to research, understand and write an article about how digital branding isn't (as I had always believed) killing the graphic designer's playground, but actually extending the possibilites and giving room for a lot MORE fun. I also made digital collages to illustrate my three main points. Read it on Medium below.

3 ways for digital branding to go beyond design systems