Notification auf der Smartwatch


Interface 2017

Who made up the rule that it has to be on/at the stove that it is steeered how warm a pot gets? My fellow student Nikos Papathanassopolus (he really has this name) and me developped a concept for the case that the pot steers the stove, instead of the other way around. The result is Coocoo, an assistant that makes cooking across several devices not only more fun, but also simpler, more precise and safer. The main component is an attachment to the pot, that controles the induction cooktop. There you can set exact temperatures, cooking periods and programmes, as well as review a history and choose preset recipes quick and easy. Is the cooking done, a notification will be sent right to the cooktop, your mobile or smartwatch: a "coocoo!". During the work process we developped many screen designs and simplified them over and over again, created an extensive information architecture and built a prototype with Adobe's Experience Design.

Die Erweiterung für den Kochtopf
Coocoo auf dem Handy
Programmauswahl in der App
Coocoo für die Smartwatch